Here is an assortment of our programming. Make sure to watch more on iFame TV on ROKU, Vidora (iPads), Yamgo (free cell phone app), SPB TV (free cell phone app),, and more!

iFame TV features today’s hottest TV shows, movies, music videos, concerts, and more.  Here is just a portion of our programming…


WHO?MAG TV…today’s biggest urban programming featuring today’s hottest names in hip-hop, R&B, and more.  Visit both and for more on WHO?MAG TV.

DANCE PARTY USA…the legendary 80’s & 90’s dance show featuring the biggest live performances including Tupac, Paula Abdul, NKOTB, Gangstarr, Heavy D, and more.Some episodes were hosted by Kelly Ripa!

DANCIN’ ON AIR…the legendary dance show starting in 1981 that featured the biggest names including early live performances by Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Duran Duran, New edition, and more!  Also the new episodes of DOA from 2012 run here exclusively!

DMTV (Dance Music TV)…the biggest EDM/Dance Music TV show is now on iFame and features interviews with Kaskade, Timo Maas, Chrystal Waters, Mig & Rizzo and more!  Visit for more info.

WHATZ GOING ON…The legendary NY hip-hop/R&B show which is almost going on 30 years is now on iFame.  Look for exclusive classic interviews with Notorious Big, Jay-Z, Beyonce, 50 cent, and more!

WHO?MAG VIDEO VISION…the new independent music video show leader is now on iFame.  Check out todays best independent music videos including celebrity and artist takeovers! 

THE BAR…Webisodes of the new comedy which is a mixture of “Sopranos” meets “Cheers” meets “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

URBAN XPRESSIONS…legendary Philly hip-hop show going on 30 years on the air featuring exclusive interview with Will Smith, Terry Crew, RubenStuddard, and more!

SINGLE ON A SATURDAY NIGHT…from the creators of “Urban Xpressions” comes their latest show focusing on relationship situations

REEL TIME MODELS…reality modeling show season 1 based out of Philadelphia, PA

ONE HOUSE STREET…legendary hip-hop show that aired in 1992 that featured the biggest names in hip-hop during that time exclusively on iFame TV

UNDER 18 NOT ADMITTED…legendary dance show from the early ‘90’s filmed in Florida on the beach and featured special performances exclusive to iFame TV

FOXES…sitcom pilot mocking the “Housewives” shows and featuring Schoolly D (Aqua Teen Hunger Force/hip-hop legend), Scott Herman (MTV Real World Brooklyn) and Joey Rozmus (MTV Real World Cancun).

THA HUNGA MIXTAPE…Bumsquad DJ’s DJ Bishop hour long video mixtape

SPROCKETS AND SPRINKLES…show with independent films combined

THE ADULT TABLE…Sketch comedy clips in the vibe of Saturday Night Live

RESPECT DA DJ…DontaDeisel (EQ Philly) show based the DJ.



MOVIES…the best in EXCLUSIVE independent movies including award winning films “The WHO?MAG Hip-Hop Document”, “Pawns” (featuring Robert Downey Sr.),  “Concealed Habitat” (featuring Grammy Award Winning Doodlebug from Digible Planets), “The Michael Jackson Show” (Tribeca Film Festival), “Michael Shawn 1st Annual Sober Comedy Jam” (from Hot 97/100.3 The Beat), and more!

LIVE CONCERTS… the best new and classic performances from hip-hop, EDM/dance, freestyle music, and more!

OLD SCHOOL HIP-HOP SECTION…best interviews, music videos, and concerts and more from your favorite hip-hop legends!

MUSIC VIDEOS…HUNDREDS of independent hip-hop, EDM/dance, rock, gospel, R&B/Soul videos and more!

CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS…hundreds of celebrity interviews ranging from musicians, rappers, singers, actors, sports heroes, and more!

And much more!




whomag Watch iFame TV on Roku and plus more!
whomag sure to check out the fastest growing music network iFame TV (Roku - in the music...
whomag sure to check out the fastest growing music network iFame TV (Roku - in the music...
whomag Hey guys, this summer we are really going heavy pushing my TV network IFame TV. Here is one of may promos we...
whomag sure to check out the fastest growing music network iFame TV (Roku - in the music...